Homeowners might ask themselves several questions before purchasing a new air conditioning system. Buyers often want the best deal, so they will look at the pricing in comparison to features. Sometimes, it might be advisable to spend extra to purchase a new unit that presents increased energy efficiency. It may even be best to buy a more recent model even when the current one appears to work fine. Self-determinations of “fine” might overlook the model’s decreased energy efficiency, which could be a costly oversight.

People with older air conditioning units might feel they work fine and do not require immediate replacing. Perhaps the AC units work without troubles, but they doubtfully deliver the same efficiency as newer models. Efficiency counts for a lot and might be a good reason for upgrading cooling systems.

Going With Newer and More Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

The answers to whether newer AC models provide better energy efficiency should start with the words “of course.” As the years pass, engineering and innovation improve. Streamlined and advanced design steps allow modern air conditioning systems to cool a home faster and with fewer costs than models made many decades ago.

That’s not to say that the old models “age out” due to weak design. Surprisingly, a house with a built-to-last air conditioning window unit may achieve peak cooling in a relatively short period. After all, a 25- or 30-year-old air conditioner might still be in good enough shape to perform at an acceptable level.

Will it work efficiently? Well, it won’t be as efficient as a newer model. An older unit might rely on burning up 50% more energy than a unique model. And it might not even cool the home as fast as a newer one, either. Homeowners may perceive the old model as working efficiently and effectively because they lack experience with a more recent model with which to make any comparisons.

Few homes likely have ancient air conditioning units running inside them. However, models that are 10 years old might be commonplace. In some geographic regions, an air conditioner might only run three months out of the year, so 10 years might not cause too much wear and tear. That said, progress continues in the HVAC industry, and more efficient models routinely hit the market. Even if an air conditioner works after a decade, retiring it might be advisable because the cost to run the unit might not be worth it.

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The Cost-Saving Value of Newer Air Conditioners

A newer and more efficient air conditioner won’t be as much of a drain on the electrical system. Since the unit requires less energy to operate, the overall cost of cooling a home could drop dramatically. During the hot summer months, running an air conditioner for hours upon hours day and night could be unavoidable. Monthly electricity bills commonly skyrocket with less-efficient models. After all, they rely on more electricity to perform their task.

Cutting down on energy expenses might help pay for the new system. The money cut from utility bills could go toward the financing of a new unit.

Helping the Life of an Air Conditioner

Older air conditioning systems must work much harder to deliver the same result as new ones. Besides increasing monthly energy bills, the added work could cause more significant wear and tear on the system, resulting in worn parts requiring repairs and service. Eventually, the added strain on the system makes it too costly to keep. The old unit might even break down unexpectedly, which is not something anyone wishes to happen on a hot summer day.

The Environmental Concern

Wasting energy doesn’t do much to help with carbon emissions and protecting the environment. Newer air conditioners draw less energy, which decreases the requirements for fossil fuel-based electricity. Those hoping to do their part for conservation may discover that a new air conditioner might support their goal.

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