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Ultimate Springtime Fun: 10 Best Things to Do in Savannah, GA

April 30, 2024

As spring blankets Savannah, GA, with a quilt of vibrant colors and gentle warmth, the city emerges as a Southern haven for explorers and dreamers alike.

Spanish moss swarms ancient oaks like nature’s own jewel-laden chandeliers, setting a stage where history and modern delights dance hand in hand. From the whispers of the past at sun-drenched cemeteries to the murmur of creativity at local art havens, truly experiencing Savannah in spring is to sip the very nectar of its culture and charm.

Savor the tastes, the sounds, and the sights as you traipse through cobblestone streets and beneath boughs heavy with stories.

Key Takeaways

  • Forsyth Park’s Fountains and Spanish Moss Trees Exemplify Savannah’s Spring Beauty
  • River Street Offers a Mix of Shopping, Culture, and Dining With Historical Charm
  • Bonaventure Cemetery Intertwines Nature’s Beauty With Savannah’s Deep History
  • Telfair Museums Provide a Rich Journey Through Contemporary and Historic Art
  • Savannah’s Culinary Scene Is an Artful Mix of Tradition and Innovation

Discover the Historic Charm of Savannah on a Walking Tour

Envelop yourself in the fabric of Southern heritage as you amble through Savannah’s enchanting streets this spring.

Picture yourself starting your journey in the verdant embrace of Forsyth Park, where fountains gush as vivaciously as the day they debuted, and Spanish moss adorns mighty oaks like serene, grey beards of elder sages whispering tales of yore.

With the unfolding landscape serving as your canvas, your path will inevitably lead you to the heartbeat of Savannah’s past and present: River Street.

Here, you’ll find a mosaic of shops, galleries, and eateries nestled within cobblestone and centuries-old edifices, offering a tangible connection to the diverse narrative of Georgia’s cherished jewel.

Start at the Famous Forsyth Park for Scenic Views

Embark on your spring awakening amidst the pulsating greenery of Forsyth Park; let your eyes feast on the rich tapestry of colors as azaleas flirt with the sun’s caress. Reverberate with the symphonic splash of the iconic fountain, the centerpiece of a landscape that hums with the lifeblood of Savannah’s warm embrace:

  • Stroll under a canopy of lush trees, their branches a ballet of Spanish moss.
  • Pause by the fountain’s edge, where water dances in a perpetual encore, alive with the sparkle of the season.
  • Indulge in people-watching, absorbing the tableau of locals and visitors alike mingling in the subtle symphony of Southern hospitality.

Explore the Iconic River Street, Rich in History and Culture

As you venture along River Street, you’ll often find its cobbled lanes and historic facades whispering stories of antiquity to modern-day seekers. This bustling promenade serenades its guests with the bygone echoes of steamships and cotton merchants, harmonizing perfectly with the rhythmic clanks of riverboats along the glistening Savannah River. It’s a place where each step on weathered stones becomes a dance with history, leading you through a marketplace of vibrant culture and commerce:

  • Unearth treasures in quaint boutiques as if they were chests of old, brimming with local artistry.
  • Savor the symphony of flavors at revered eateries, where cuisine becomes an art as mesmerizing as the nearby museum exhibits.
  • Relish the spontaneous jazz performances spilling onto sidewalks, as spontaneous as the city’s storied history.

Experience the Beauty of Spring at the Bonaventure Cemetery

As the season’s warmth unfurls over Savannah, a visit to Bonaventure Cemetery offers a serene and reflective springtime adventure.

Here, you unearth not only the ethereal beauty of nature but also the profound depths of history.

Let ancient oaks, their branches veiled in wisps of Spanish moss, be your sentinels as you navigate through this revered resting place.

Unleash your spirit of discovery with a guided tour that chronicles the lives of those interred in these hallowed grounds, bridging the gap between past and present.

As you tread lightly beside blooming flowers, the air thrums with a silent homage to the souls that accent the landscape, telling their tales muted by time but palpable in the whispers of leaves and rustling grasses.

Take a Guided Tour to Learn About Its Historic Significance

Embrace the echoes of history beneath the shade of ancient oaks: Bonaventure Cemetery, a garden of remembrance, invites your curiosity on a guided tour. Let the tales of historic figures and poetic inscriptions carved in timeworn stone unfold before you as your guide weaves a tapestry of past lives, each engraved with a unique contribution to Savannah’s storied tableau:

  • Discover the hallowed grounds where notable figures of Savannah’s past take their eternal rest.
  • Learn about the intricate symbolism etched into the artful memorials, each a silent testament to a life once lived.
  • Uncover stories suffused with the gravity of time, where the whispers of the past are as steadfast as the Spanish moss-draped oaks under which they slumber.

Enjoy a Peaceful Walk Amidst Blooming Flowers and Ancient Oaks

Allow the rendezvous of spring’s delicate blossoms and the enduring presence of ancient oaks at Bonaventure Cemetery to enchant your senses. Here, the hush of lore-laden boughs, swathed in the ethereal garb of Spanish moss, offers a tranquil canvas against which the petals pirouette in the gentlest of breezes. This is nature’s ballet, performed in the open-air amphitheater of Savannah’s history, and you’re the honored guest, invited to traverse pathways ablaze with the tender beauty of spring’s renewal.

Immerse Yourself in Art at the Telfair Museums

As Spring unfurls its vibrant hues across Savannah, let your cultural compass guide you to the storied doors of the Telfair Museums.

Revel in an artistic journey where history and creativity fuse, creating an experience that resonates with the art lover in you.

Venture into the Jepson Center, where contemporary art breathes life into innovative exhibitions, pulsing with the vibrancy of modern talent.

Step back in time at the historic Telfair Academy and Owens-Thomas House, where the whisper of legacy is painted into every corner.

This trio of artistic sanctuaries beckons you to indulge your senses, inviting your soul to dance in the grand waltz of Savannah’s artistic expression.

Visit the Jepson Center for Contemporary Art and Exhibitions

As the ocean of creativity laps at the shores of your curiosity, wander into the Jepson Center for Contemporary Art where the latest exhibitions blossom like spring itself. Each gallery, a chamber of discovery, presents you with a conversation between the present and the possible, a place where art not only mirrors life but also boldly reimagines it. Here, your senses will come alive as you engage with thought-provoking works and performances that reflect the pulsing heart of Savannah’s vibrant art scene.

Don’t Miss the Historic Telfair Academy and Owens-Thomas House

Wander into the storied grandeur of the Telfair Academy, where artistic heritage is cradled within neoclassical walls, beckoning you to uncover a rich past through its stunning works. Step over the threshold of the Owens-Thomas House and you’re instantly enfolded into an era steeped in sophistication, its antebellum architecture and decorative arts narrating Savannah’s opulent history directly to your soul, urging you to connect with the city’s genteel legacy.

Savor Spring Flavors on a Savannah Food Tour

As spring drapes its florid cloak over Savannah, you are beckoned to embark on a gastronomic odyssey through a city where cuisine ascends to the realm of art. Your taste buds will revel in a culinary landscape where historic recipes meet contemporary zest, creating a flavor mosaic as rich and vibrant as the city itself. Engage your palate with Savannah’s food tours, a grand tapestry of epicurean delight weaving through the town’s cobblestone streets and verdant squares.

Your journey to savor Southern flavors will lead you to intertwining tales of old-world charm and nouveau cuisine that dance together like a timeless waltz. Treat yourself to the famed shrimp and grits, a symphony of textures and tastes, enveloping you in the very essence of coastal Georgia’s culinary tradition. Each morsel becomes a step further into the heart of Savannah’s food scene, a vibrant harmony of history and innovation plated to perfection.

After indulging in Savannah’s feast for the senses, steal away to refined sanctuaries where craft cocktails await, their mixology the alchemy of springtime refreshment. Hidden speakeasies echo with the mischievous spirits of Prohibition, offering you a sip of privacy wrapped in the allure of the past. Enveloped in the warm glow of hospitality, your springtime escapade through Savannah’s flavors becomes a cherished memory, etched into your narrative as deeply as the historical beauty around you.

Visit Savannah this Spring! 

Spring in Savannah emerges as a masterful painter, crafting a stunning panorama where history flirts with modern exuberance, offering a myriad of activities that cater to every whimsy.

Wander beneath the poetic canopies of Spanish moss, uncover tales etched in Bonaventure Cemetery, or immerse yourself in the artistic allure of the Telfair Museums, ensuring your cultural compass is thoroughly sated.

Satisfy your epicurean cravings on a food tour that interlaces the charm of Southern cuisine with the zest of contemporary flavors, each bite a testament to Savannah’s gastronomic artistry.

Your foray into Savannah’s springtime splendors leaves you enriched with memories of historic grandeur, blooming landscapes, and the indulgent warmth of Georgia’s hospitality.

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Steven Galbreath

Steven Galbreath is the General Manager of Galbreath Heating & Air and was recently recognized as one of the Top 20 Under 40 HVAC Professionals by the Conditioned Air Association of Georgia.

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