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Especially now, families across the U.S. are in need of reliable home heating and cooling systems. Lennox and Galbreath Air, Inc. are teaming up to donate HVAC equipment, installation materials and time to a deserving member of our community! Through the Feel the Love™ program and the help of your nominations, we can support a special person or family in need with a completely free installation. Lennox will donate the system, and we’ll cover all of the additional costs and labor!

The Lennox Feel The Love™ Program was launched in 2009, and invites individuals and local organizations in participating areas to nominate families or individuals in their communities. Nominees are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including physical, mental or social disabilities; financial challenges; job loss; military service; community service. Do you know a special friend or neighbor who needs a new heating system? Nomination forms are collected through the Feel The Love™ website, so be sure to fill one out to help us make our pick every year!

Our 2020 Feel the Love Nomination: Constance Thomas

Feel The Love™ Program By Lennox Galbreath & Sons TeamConstance Thomas has been a pillar in the community since the opening of her law firm in 1978. Since the beginning, her dream was to service underprivileged communities and provide them with legal care at affordable to no prices. Growing up in Savannah in the 1960s, she witnessed the disenfranchisement of the people of her community and made a goal to change it in the best way she could; affordable legal care. After law school, she chose to come back to her hometown of Savannah and become the first female attorney in the city. Her motto was “Isn’t it time you had a lawyer that cared about you” and she based her professional career in this ideology. Constance made sure that she cared for every client as if they were family and even performed free legal work when needed for those in the community. While many lawyers strive for financial gain, this was never her goal or ambition. She only wanted to help people and give back to those who couldn’t help themselves.

New EquipmentMidway through her career was called to be minister of the Gospel. She became an active minister in the St. Paul CME church and led a program for women recovering from drug addiction and being women recently released from prison. She led this program for 10 years helping many women to learn about the love of God and transform their lives. Constance believed that with love, all things could be accomplished and created a judgement-free zone where these women could thrive and live.

With a giving heart, she was led in 2007 to work with a group of other leaders in the community to organize a Christmas food giveaway that gave away free groceries donated from local grocery stores to feed thousands in the city. This giveaway lasted for many years and helped so many families during a time of year where many find themselves in a financial struggle. Though it was hard work to organize such a big event, it was worth it for her to see the gratitude the families showed and the smiles on their faces.

Feel The Love™ Program By Lennox Galbreath & Sons VehiclesWhile continuing to work in the community and help others, in 2010, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through all the treatments and doctor visits, she still served the church and the community to the best of her ability. Though she was facing this life-threatening disease, she stayed in good spirits and continued to work for the community. After beating cancer in 2011 she became the head pastor at Faith Community CME Church, where she led her congregation and also served the community around the church. At Faith CME she organized a city-wide back to school extravaganza that gave free school supplies to hundreds on the West Side of Savannah. In 2012 she was told the unfortunate news that breast cancer had returned, and that even more strenuous treatments would be needed. This forced her to step down as head pastor, but it did not stop her from working in the church or the community. Through radiation and chemo treatments, she returned to St. Paul CME in a supportive minister role teaching new members classes, teaching bible study, and preaching when needed. She believed that if she continued to work for God and his people then God would continue to work for her and she was right. Since 2013, she has been cancer free and continues to do God’s work.

Constance always put others first and never looked for financial gain. She made helping others her mission and believed her reward would be in Heaven. Though she is rich in spirit, she has faced many financial setbacks and could use this blessing. I ask that you consider helping this unsung hero and provide her with the AC she so desperately needs. She has always helped others with the little she has and it would be great to see the favor returned to her.