As winter begins to fade away to spring, you may start thinking about a new air conditioner. Spring and fall are the perfect seasons to install a new AC unit to avoid the extreme temperatures of summer and winter. Shopping around early can give you access to great discounts. Don’t put off getting a new air conditioner and risk paying higher prices and struggling to book an installation appointment.

Shop Off-Season

Preparation gives you more opportunities for benefits and discounts. Extreme-temperature seasons often keep heating and cooling technicians very busy. There are always repairs and maintenance to complete to keep families safe. Shopping off-season gives you a powerful bargaining tool.

Contact companies in your area for their rates and bundles, taking special care to inquire about discounts and potential freebies like system maintenance or an updated thermostat. You’ll have more freedom in the company and unit you choose when you appropriately plan your installation. Anticipating your home’s needs gives you additional months to plan and install your new unit.

Pros and Cons of Seasonal Shopping

Waiting until the last minute to install a new air conditioner can often leave you struggling. As spring begins and you start to clean up and prepare your air conditioner, you may notice a new leak or a rusted component. You won’t need your AC unit until the hotter days of summer, so you may put off replacing the unit until it’s absolutely necessary. However, this can often lead to increased technician rates and a lack of available units.

Spring is the ideal time to begin planning and budgeting for a new air conditioner. A new unit will be less likely to break down during the summer and won’t require as much immediate maintenance. You’ll save on utility bills during the season with a new AC unit rather than paying more as you struggle to keep an older model functioning. Many homeowners turn off their furnaces at the beginning of spring and enjoy a few months of minimal temperature control, leaving many technicians ready and available.

Avoid waiting until the beginning of summer to install a new AC unit. Temperatures can quickly fluctuate as the seasons change, jumping up from a mild 50 degrees Fahrenheit to an uncomfortable 90 degrees Fahrenheit within a week. Don’t risk the safety of your house and family by waiting too long. Thoroughly check your air conditioner several months before the start of summer for any substantial damage or changes. Determine whether your cooling system will last through the season or make the decision to install a new one.

Fall is also a generally safe time to install a new air conditioner. Families have moved their shopping interests to new shovels and snow blowers. You’re likely to find great deals as AC units are pushed to the back shelves to make room for winter tools. Fall is a good time to find deals and prepare for next summer if you have the available budget. Heating and cooling technicians have higher availability and can easily help you with professional installation.

Winter is dominated by furnace repairs and maintenance. You may get a good deal on an air conditioner, but you’ll struggle to make an appointment with the company of your choice. Many technicians may offer higher rates during busy times because of their limited schedule and increased need in the community.

While you may be booked up with other obligations, it’s important to take time to ensure your home is always safe for you and your family. Keeping your old air conditioner running for as long as possible will cost you more than if you preemptively install a new unit. Plan to install a new air conditioner in your home before the scorching heat of summer arrives.

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