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AC Repair

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Expert AC Repair in Richmond Hill, GA

Residents of Richmond Hill, GA, know how hot it can get on a typical summer day. The temperatures can rise to extreme levels, exceeding 95 ºF. Without a working air conditioner, battling the blistering heat can be a challenge. Fortunately, our air conditioning pros can help restore your malfunctioning air conditioner to its best condition. 

We provide professional AC repair in Richmond Hill, GA, and the surrounding areas. Let our skilled technician handle your AC repair needs.

Local AC Repair Services 

AC repair is a restoration service for a malfunctioning air conditioner. This repair service allows a certified Galbreath Heating & Air contractors to inspect, diagnose, and troubleshoot your defective air conditioner. 

Our local AC repair technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your faulty AC unit to identify the underlying issues and malfunctions. Failure to address these glitches can lead to costly repairs or even make your air conditioner more difficult to fix. 

Besides, a faulty AC will compromise your indoor air quality and overall comfort. The good news is that you can rely on our competent technicians for expert AC repair in Richmond Hill, GA. 

Our skilled AC specialist will perform the following repair steps:

  • Measure the voltage in the fuses and breakers
  • Inspect the air filters for clogging
  • Check thermostat accuracy
  • Inspect the switches for physical damage
  • Assess the conditions of the internal components
  • Prepare a diagnosis report and repair checklist
  • Perform the necessary repairs

What Are the Most Common AC Repairs?

Air conditioners have several moving mechanical components, making them somewhat prone to malfunctions. AC malfunctions can be as minor as a clogged air filter to as severe as a damaged evaporator coil. No matter the extent of the failure, our experts at Galbreath Heating & Air are up to the task. 

The following are the most common issues that require AC repair in Richmond Hill, GA:

Faulty Capacitor

AC units have capacitors that activate and run the electric motors in the HVAC system. If the capacitor is defective, your air conditioner might not turn on. If the AC turns on, it will deliver warm instead of cool air, and the fan will produce a whirring noise. Our certified AC repair technician can help diagnose the problem quickly and replace the damaged capacitor before it causes other issues.

Clogged Filters

The filter in an air conditioner blocks dirt and other contaminants from infiltrating your HVAC system. Over time, the filter will accumulate too much dust and debris and become clogged, requiring cleaning or replacements. If you do not replace the filter, it might block the condensate drain line, damaging your AC. Cleaning and replacing your clogged air filters is part of our AC repair service in Richmond Hill, GA. 

Damaged Thermostat

A damaged thermostat can cause several issues in your AC unit. Besides providing inaccurate temperature readings, it will cause your air conditioner to blow hot and cold. The thermostat sensor will not correctly read the room temperature and adjust the air conditioner to the desired setting. Our skilled pros can help repair or replace the damaged thermostat, restoring the functionality of your AC.

Failing Blower Motor

The blower motor in an air conditioner controls the airflow from the AC into your indoor space. It activates and regulates the fan, ensuring proper air circulation. At times, the blower might fail, leading to inconsistent cooling. Our AC repair experts at Galbreath Heating & Air can diagnose and fix this problem before it damages your air conditioner.

Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioners have an evaporator coil that dispels heat from the air, leading to cooler indoor air. The coil has a refrigerant liquid that absorbs warm air molecules, lowering the room temperature. Sometimes, the rubber seal or the evaporator tubing might develop holes, leading to refrigerant leaks. When this occurs, the AC will not meet your cooling needs. Scheduling an AC repair service can address these concerns.

Signs Your AC Will Need Repair Soon

While modern air conditioners are energy-efficient and reliable, they are not exempt from malfunctions. They can break down when least expected. Knowing the signs your AC needs repairs can help you know when to schedule an AC repair service with Galbreath Heating & Air. 

Here are the top signs to consider:

  • Inconsistent cooling
  • Inaccurate temperature readings
  • Increased energy bills
  • Burning smells
  • Whirring noises

What Are the Benefits of AC Repair 

Expert AC repair ensures your air conditioner works optimally. It improves the energy efficiency of your AC unit, lowering your utility bills. AC repair also extends the life expectancy of your AC unit, so you do not have to save up for a new one soon. It also prevents costly repairs in the future, leading to long-term savings. 

Professional AC Repair 

Professional AC repair can help restore your faulty air conditioner for enhanced comfort and improved indoor air quality during hot summer days. Connect with Galbreath Heating & Air for expert AC Repair in Richmond Hill, GA.

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Darcy F.
Aaron was very professional, explained everything he was doing, helped me with any questions I had and was very nice. We have been customers of Galbreath Heating & Air for years and will never switch companies. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable, honest and hard working company!
Aaron was very thorough and check everything in our system out!
Edward L.
craig T.
Brandon is AWESOME!!! I have a new build home that’s almost 4 years old and experiencing HVAC issues. I originally had a different company come out that said I have a leaking coil and in total recommended close to $10K repairs to fix. Also they said the coil was on back order and never called me again. Awesome. Brandon came out for a second opinion and he was extremely polite, patient and courteous. He explained everything thoroughly and did not try to upsell us on unneeded items. His recommended fixes made sense and the infamous coil… their company called on the spot and found one that we could have in 1-3 business days and we walked away paying half the cost of the original quote. For anyone in the coastal Georgia area, Galbreath is a great option. We won’t go anywhere else from now on!
Mary C.
Galbreath Heating and Air went above and beyond when our upstairs unit went out in July. We have used them for everything since and are using them again to replace our downstairs unit. All there techs are super polite, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.
Andre W.
Excellent and prompt service of my issue while on site conducting the job. Everything is working as expected since the repairs were done. Would have liked for the work to have been done sooner as the job was approved by me for the repairs in September 2023.
Linda M.
On time, friendly, responsible, courtesy and very helpful!
Ashley B.
Always great service!
Kahari S.
Tyler was on time and curdios. He was knowledgeable of his job and was able to back brief me on some AC components in my home. I Also like the fact that he wore foot covers before entering!
Lonnette B.
Jeremy S.
Sam M.
Corey M.
Extremely nice and professional company!
Cindy A.
The service I received, was professional and detailed. would highly recommend this company for service to HVAC unit
Justin C.
Jeff D.
No hard sales pitch. Danny determined our system requirements and presented them professionally without a "sales pitch". The installation team was on time, organized and presented themselves as competent and professional. I would recommend Galbreath Air to anyone needing a HVAC system replacement. The follow up service has also been excellent. Zach was very thorough. Based on our experience, this is a company you can trust.
Cathryn Lynnette L.
Friendly, professional, timely response. Very good at explaining and providing information needed. Was able to diagnose the issue and get us up and running until we decide what to do next.
Brian S.
Super professional both from the office staff and technician. Knowledgeable about the products and other service plans that save money in the long run. This is the only company we use due to their service and integrity.
richard M.
C C.
Hal L.
Best service in the region!
Mark H
Great job by Kevin. Outstanding service.
Kenneth S.
Efficient and professional
Frank C.
Great Company and Tech support!
Came with in 2 hours and fixed my problem and didnt try to sell me something I didnt need.
Bridget L.
Technician was very knowledgeable and prompt
Kellan C.
Great initial quote, the value offset any price difference from competing companies. I look forward to working with them going forward.
Devin C.
The technicians with Galbreath Heating and Air are very knowledgeable and patient. They answered all of my questions every step of the way. They do good quality work, in a timely manner, while paying close attention to detail. My new HVAC unit works so well and is much more efficient and powerful than my old unit. The installation took 1 day. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs a new HVAC installed or repair work done on an older unit.
Jaclyn R.
My technician Gil was great!!!
Steve D.
Excellent customer service, on time, knowledgeable, courteous! Fixed it same day! Thanks!
Jeffery L.
Another exceptional service call! Our new tech Aaron did an excellent job in servicing our HVAC system. Continuing the high standards of service.
Have dealt with several HVAC companies since moving to the Savannah area. First experience with Galbreath was excellent when called for a late summer night clogged drain line/pan in a lease home. After purchasing an older, rural home, we had to replace 2 heat pump systems, the first by another company (before Galbreath extended service into our area) and the second with Galbreath. Galbreath’s project manager (in our case Danny) shared his excellent product knowledge and provided 2 options allowing for an educated purchase for our specific needs. Technicians consistently arrive within time frame stated, listen to issues encountered, then work diligently to identify any issues, make repairs if necessary, and as in our case today, Brandon thoroughly inspected the 2 preexisting units and only needed to replace the faulty thermostats with the better functioning thermostat Galbreath installed with their heat pump system. All employees to date have been respectful of our property, and all certifications and filed warranties were provided promptly by courteous office staff. Previously having obtained pricing from 3 companies for various top rated brand heat pump installations, Galbreath’s pricing was competitive and their service consistently remains beyond comparison. We will not be calling any HVAC companies other than Galbreath in the future and wish all companies performed at their level of service and professionalism.
Raymond G.
Aaron was very professional and diagnosed our hvac problem very quickly.
Deborah H.
William T.
Elaine B.
Great Service explained any problems with my HVAC unit and the cost for fixing it.
Thomas and Brenda T.
While I can't say that I am thrilled with the performance of the Lenox equipment having had two coils fail in less than 8 years of operation, the Galbreath team has been outstanding in supporting us from the initial purchase and installation, the annual service visits and the coil replacements. Unfortunately, it's hard to find conscientious workers who do quality work, but Galbreath seems to have succeeded in not only finding them, but keeping them. The technician who did our initial install over 8 years ago was the same one who did the most recent air handler replacement and he was excellent both times. Galbreath has my highest recommendation.
June M.
we were very happy with the service from Galbreth heating & air & especially Tyler ,Tim,Charlie,Austin & Ray . these men were on it from the time they arrived to install a new unit & cleaned up the mess before they left here . Tyler even walked us through the directions & how to install the unit on our phones & computer so we could control it while we were away from home. I would recommend them to everyone as we went with the best in this area . we are 100% satisfied
Vickie E.
I had my dryer vent cleaned. They came out in a timely manner. Jerry was very polite, helpful, and professional. I will be using this company from now on for my annual services. Very pleased.
Joseph D.
Excellent service provider since 2017 when I contacted for coverage!
Kyle O.
Our HVAC system stopped working two days ago and Galbreath was able to schedule us next day. Aaron was very professional and personable. He explained the issues thoroughly and fixed our HVAC quickly. Highly recommend Galbreath and Aaron.
Bill J.
First of all, Danny Shapiro did a great job going over our options to replace our 2 systems. Once we decided, an appointment was set. The lead installer Charlie Clark and his crew of Austin, Ray and Tim were exceptional. They removed and replaced both systems with a minimum of disruption. The job was completed in 8 hours. They were respectful of our property and cleaned up thoroughly after the installation. My wife and I were very pleased with our choice of Galbreath for this project. Thanks to all for a job well done.Bill and Beth Jeffreys
Ashley L.
We continue receiving great service. Always professional and knowledgeable technicians. Great communication with the office staff. Communication is seamless. We have been using Galbreath for 10 years and trust this company.
Lisa D.
Fast emergency service. Kevin is wonderful. He was determined to find the problem, and he did.
Ted J.
The Galbreath team was very responsive when my heat pump needed servicing. Rebecca was very courteous and professional taking the inbound call and getting us scheduled for the next day. Zach came out and went through the system and found the issue to be the blower motor. He gave me a quote to repair and then got it scheduled and repaired the following day. Zach was very knowledgeable and helpful and explained exactly what was going on. He also showed me the value of the maintenance membership and we selected that option as well. With the age of my system, I can now count on 2 visits per year to keep it at top performance. In addition, with the S40 thermostat I have, Galbreath will probably know I have an issue even before I do!! Zach is a great technician and an asset to the company. On a side note, my wife really appreciates that Zach put on boot covers every time he can I to the house.I would highly recommend Galbreath for all your HVAC needs.
Leo R.
Galbraith has always given top notch service for our HVAC needs. Today we were serviced by Brandon who not only resolved our issue but was very professional and patient answering our questions.
Ben B.
Great communication and timely service to my furnace that stopped working. The technician Aaron was great. Figured out what the issue was and had my house heated in no time.
David K.
Excellent service. Took care of the problem right away. Technician was polite and professional.
Kristen S.
K P (.
Very professional and knowledgeable.

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